How to create a poll with photos

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Mar 10, 2012
Danville, Pa
Not sure how to add this to the tutorial section.

My wife sat by my side and wrote step by step and than typed this article up

She is the LOML

Hope this will help some one.

How to Create A poll with Photos

*On home page-click on ‘forum’
*Scroll down until you see ‘Polls, surveys, and votes’
*Click on ‘New thread’
*Type in title
*Scroll down and click on “manage attachments”
*A separate box will pop-up titled “manage attachments”
*Click on ‘choose file’ and select photo
*Click on “open box”
*Continue to choose more files as needed
*Click ‘upload’ and wait for all files to upload
*After file(s) are uploaded, it will be shown below
*To add your photo to the message box- Click on file chosen, Right click and choose ‘copy link address’
*Go back to the message box and place cursor where you want the image to appear
*Go to “insert image” icon. A separate box will pop-up. Click ‘paste’ to insert URL file. After pasting the file, delete everything in the address back to and including the “&” sign. Scroll to front of address line and delete the duplicate ‘https:\\’ Then click “OK”
*Scroll down to thread subscription and make your choice
*Go to ‘Post a Poll’, click “yes” and click the number of poll options desired
*Click on ‘preview post’ and you should see your photo
*Scroll down to “additional options” box. Click ‘submit new thread’. That will bring you to a Poll question
*Fill in options (names of pictures)
*Under ‘Poll timeout’ enter the number of days that the Poll will be open
*In the ‘Show results’ box, make your selection
*Under “miscellaneous options” box, make your selection
*Click on ‘Submit New Poll’

Your poll should now be posted

Brian G

Jul 2, 2013
Bloomington, MN
Perhaps add in that each time you preview or edit the post, you need to re-check your option for showing the results. It always defaults back to showing them.

Thank you both for doing this. Setting up a flawless poll with pictures is the most tedious part of running a contest, especially when you end up with lots of entries.
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