Homemade Carbide Tools

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May 19, 2011
NS, Canada
A couple weeks ago there were several threads on the go about carbide tools and all the talk got me thinking I wanted to give one a try. I have a smaller one, but it has it's shortcomings and I wanted something bigger and hopefully, better. Since the choices out there are a little pricey and since my dad is a machinist and was willing to help out, I decided we would make our own. They are a little different from what is available out there as well. They are milled down further than the other tools I have seen and the shafts are wide so that they should be a little less likely to catch.

I made one to fit the 15mm rounded square inserts and the other (longer handled) one fits all three inserts. The ferrules were made from 1" copper pipe end caps. The shafts are 1/2 square steel and the handles are birch.

Aside from one ornament, these are the only things I have made on my lathe other than pens. They aren't perfect but I expect they should work ok. It was a good utilitarian project to give me a little practice on spindle turning. Will test them out tomorrow.


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