Historial Crib Dam Wood

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Dec 4, 2005
Norfolk, Virginia 23509
This Batch Sold // More available upon request

*** @CT_C has first choice on these ****

Rappahannock River Crib Dam Pine wood. I bought several of large sections at the 2008 AAW Symposium in Richmond Va. These are solid and dry. These blanks are fresh cut off my last block and I'll tell you it smells great in my shop, just like fresh pine!
They will accept some dying, I had some done in black and the color went in a good bit, but completely but enough it gave the appearance of having absorbed lots of muck/minerals from being underwater so long.

I do have the original Certificate of Authenticity from the company I bought that I can send a photo of if a buyer wants.

These have sold in the past for $10 and way up to $20 from one Company online. Not trying to get rich, just letting go/sharing of a few things

3/4" sq x 5+" long PINE

$28.00ea set shipped **(International shipping rates will apply minus $8 that's included in price already)**

The trees this wood came from are very old and
historic. They are from the Fredericksburg area of
Virginia, and between 350 to 400 years old. They
were seedling before we were a nation.

They were witnesses to some of the first settlers
arriving to colonize Virginia. George Washington
grew up not too far from them. They watched as the
colonists fought for their independence, won, and
birthed this great nation.

When full grown they were harvested to be part of the
dam that would provide power to the industry of
Fredericksburg. In December, 1854 the Crib Dam was
completed. Comprised of pines and oaks, the dam was
anchored in the Rappahannock River to divert water
into the Fredericksburg Canal and drive its many mills.

The dam fought in several battles in the Civil War,
seeing service in The Battles of Fredericksburg and
Chancellorsville, to name a few. It continued working
hard driving industry until relieved by the Embry
Dam in 1910. For 94 years it rested under the waters
of the Rappahannock. In 2003 the Embry
Dam was removed to allow the river to run free once again
and exposed the Crib Dam that had been submerged all those years.

hard driving industry until relieved by the Embry Dam.

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Mar 11, 2012
Brighton, Colorado
Not sure if the previous posters interested in both the remaining batches, but if not, I'll take the two remaining sets. Please let me know either way.
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