Hempwood and acrylic

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May 17, 2015
Louisville, KY
Hempwood seems to have gotten quite a bit of attention lately (and resulted in a lot of horror stories regarding its workability), so I wanted to try it out. The blank I got was from Bullseye Turning Supplies, and it’s a stabilized, double dyed blue-pink blank.

I built the barrel around black acrylic for stability. The hempwood turned as expected, but I found saturating the surface with thin CA glue every couple passes eliminated any chipping or tear out. I inlaid a piece of the hempwood in the cap finial to have at least some element of the hempwood incorporated in the cap. I polished both the acrylic and the hempwood, but as I didn’t use a topcoat type finish on the hempwood (I don’t really like them), it turned out as more of a satin finish. I made the trim from Argentium silver. The pen uses a #6 jowo nib.

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