Hello from Kansas City, MO

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Dec 6, 2018
Kansas City, MO, USA
I am very, very new to woodturning. I've been tossing around the idea for a few months. I've been interested in woodturning since my high school woodworking class 25 years ago. I signed up for a local pen making course last Sunday and decided to pull the trigger on buying all the stuff I need to get started. I just sold my house and am in an interim apartment until next spring/summer, so a perfect time to start woodworking. My lathe arrived yesterday and I made, and messed up my first pen from start to finish. I'm looking to make this a hobby. I've been a fan of fountain pens for years, so there is a lot of crossover, and googling "best fountain pen kits" is what brought me here. So any advice on good quality fountain pen kits is very welcome.
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