Hello from Dayton, Ohio

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Jun 8, 2021
Dayton, OH
Greetings everyone I am a long time turner. I began in the 90's turning on my Shopsmith, then to a Harbor Freight mini lathe. I developed some vision issues and stopped until about 4 years ago. I lost a lot of vision and had to learn to turn using an Optivisor (head worn magnifier) and with feel. I Upgraded to a Craft Supplies mini lathe and used it until this spring when I purchased a Rikon VS220 Midi lathe. I now do all blank drilling and turning with the Rikon and I' found it is so much easier to produce a quality (in my mind) product.

I use kits from Woodcraft, Penn State, Berea, and Woodturningz. I mostly produce pens as gifts to my family and close friends, but have sold a few sets. I only sell products to pay for my pen making habit. LOL

I am anxious to learn more about the craft and see what problems /issues other turners are facing.
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