Had to laugh a little

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Jan 2, 2008
Indianapolis, In.
Yesterday, I stopped by the pizza shop to pick up some wings. Wearing my Gray IAP T-shirt. I go to the counter to place my order. There is a bench to sit on while you wait for them to serve it up. A gentleman sitting on the bench, behind me read the Logo on my shirt, and says " What's a pentuner"? I had to correct him. I say "Penturner" It's an International Penturning Organization Online"

Here's how the rest of it goes:

Me: We make pens on a lathe

Him: You mean like Custom Made?

Me: Yes

Him: Do you make Fountain pens?

Me: Yes...also Rollerball and Ballpoint

Of course I didn't have one to show him,
but I have a photo of the Blue Acrylic and
Aluminum Kitless FP on my Visa card. I let him
take a look.

After that his order was ready, and he headed toward
the door. He looks back and, says to me,
"It's nice to know that, not everything is made
in China" :redface: Have a great day!

I think he's a penturner! :biggrin:
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