Guideline updates

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Product Reviews Manager
Aug 19, 2007
Fairfield, CT, USA.
There are some changes taking place and we all need to act accordingly, please work with me to help keep this as uncluttered and as organized as possible. Thank you

1)Comments made that are off topic will be removed ( a review on a vendor should not be followed up by a comment about another vendor).

2)Reviews alluding to another vendor will be removed, please state clearly which vendor you are referrring to to keep any misunderstandings from taking place.

3)If you are posting a negative review on a vendor, please be able to support your statement with documentation of the facts.

4)A thread stating you like a vendor because you received your package in a couple of days is not a vendor review. Please contact Wolftat if you feel the need to write a review based on this and I will assist you in writing a full review.
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