Great Palace Vine fountain pen special purchase!

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Mar 25, 2005
Racine, WI, USA.
Recently, I read this thread:

"I recently purchased the Great Palace Vine roller ball pen from Exotic Blanks. Loved the pen and wanted to make the fountain pen. It was out of stock and I put myself on the waitlist. When a reasonable amount of time went by I started looking on the web for the fountain pen.

It appears that the fountain pen is not available anywhere. I can buy one from Dayacom if I want to buy an extra 99 pens along with the one I want. A particular problem for me as I want this for me personally and I don’t sell pens. Just make them as gifts if I make them for others.

I found a thread back in Aug. 2018 where a member was also looking for one. Ed pointed out the problem of buying 100 pens at the very hefty price that Dayacom is demanding. So I can understand why they aren’t available through the regular suppliers.

I would settle for either the gold or the silver. So if anyone has one stuck in an old box and wants to get rid of it let me know.

This prompts me to see how much interest there is in purchasing this pen.

Here is my proposition: I will purchase the Rhodium on Rhodium Great Palace Vine Fountain pen (131-0535/RH/RH/F #12) and sell it to members who sign up on this thread at a cost of $125. each. This has the #6 nib.

To do this, I will require orders for 20 pens placed and paid for. Once there are 20 orders, I will place the order with Dayacom, so there may be up to 60 days lag time before your order is filled. (You can rest assured I am not leaving--been here over a decade and have a very vested interest, with ExoticBlanks. I merely want to assure myself the none of the orders will reconsider and want out before delivery).

So, if you want to participate, either post in this thread or, if you want to remain anonymous to the rest of IAP, PM (start a conversation) with me.

I will update this thread regularly with the count of pens sold. If we do not reach 20 by the end of September, I reserve the right to withdraw this offer and refund any monies collected. My preference is PayPal F&F to avoid additional processing costs.

So, who's "in"??

One clarification: There will also be a shipping charge from Racine Wi to you--actual postage cost.
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Dec 5, 2018
Atascadero, CA
Ed, I'll start it off by taking 2 of them. I only need one for me, but I'm sure that some friend will see it and say they want one. This will be the most expensive pen I've ever gifted. This means we only need 18 more.

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