Going out of business: 10" metal lathe

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Dec 30, 2004
Wappingers Falls. NY
I have an Emco Mayer Maximat Compact metal lathe for sale. The exact model is MQ-3100. It is a made-in Austria precision lathe (not to be confused with Chinese-made Enco), 10" swing, with milling column. You can read some details about the lathe here. They have better pictures than I would be able to take in my shop :) Nonetheless, here are some pictures of mine. It is very tight, with minimal backlash. Lots of accessories like change gears (to be able to cut metric pitch threads), 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, ER-32 chuck, milling table, rotary table. quick-change toolpost. It sits on the original cabinet with 2 drawers. It has 2 3-phase motors, but it comes with a VFD so it can be hooked up to 220V single-phase household supply.

I moved this by myself with a pickup truck when I got it. I would not be able to do this myself any more, but when broken down 2 people should be able to move it onto a pickup. If you are interested and live close enough to pick up, drop me a note to rich.kleinhenz@gmail.com . I am asking $1500
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