Getting a new ride today! Long story! Lol

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Oct 2, 2018
Omaha, Tx
I had a friend give me an almost brand new cub cadet LT1045 a little over 13 yrs ago. They didn't know new mowers didn't have oil in them. They cracked the block after 10 hrs. I bought a new engine for it and have done my best replacing parts for it over the years to keep it running. I bought a used LT1046 a few months ago for $400, guy said it was leaking oil bad. Even came with the big bagger system. The deck on mine had finally cracked this year and a new deck was $800. So the 1045 & 1046 are exactly the same except 1046 has a bigger engine, plus his deck was still good. So after looking at the 1046, The guy had never done any maintenance on it. Changed oil, filters and cleaned it up. Ran like a charm, no oil leaks for about a month, and the transmission went out. Lol So with our new house, part of our yard used to be a pasture and my small engine on my 1045 just struggles to cut it. The 1046 whipped right thru it. It's an act of congress to swap out transmissions, so I went to home depot and bought a new Cub cadet XT1 46" enduro series. It was priced at $2600, got 12 month same as cash financing and with their $100 coupon and my veterans discount, walked out paying $2324. Just gonna put the other 2 up for sale and put what I get towards the new one. Looking forward to picking this one up today. Lol
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