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Jul 22, 2009
Clyde, Texas
I had never heard of Frogwood until a few weeks ago when Woodturningz ( (no affiliation) had some pen blanks made from it in their weekly ad. So I decided to see what I could find out about it so I went to the Frogblanks website ( (no affiliation). There I learned that Frogwood is made from dyed, laminated birch and is similar to Spectraply, which I've used for years. They make it in a variety of colors, lengths, widths, and thicknesses. It's also available in custom sizes and colors.

I was looking for something to use for handles on measuring cups (PSI) and for seam rippers so I ordered several colors in 1"x1"x6" sizes. It shipped the day after I ordered it. I got what I asked for, promptly, and for a good price. When it arrived, I liked the colors and smoothness of the blanks immediately. I turned them this week. They drilled smoothly and very straight. Seemed to be no drift like you can have sometimes in a long blank with a thin bit. When I got them on the lathe, they turned like any other hardwood I've turned. I started with a sharp, but not just sharpened, SRG. Turned smoothly, no tool marks. I started sanding at 320. Hardly any radial scratches. Sanded with 400 then 600. There was no transfer of dust from one layer to another like I've occasionally experienced with some laminated materials. Finished with Dr.'s Pen Plus, 3 coats. Handles polished nicely and felt like I'd used finer grits for additional sanding.

The colors look a little blah before you turn them, but once they're turned they really pop, Great contrast between the layers. I'm looking forward to the rest of the blanks I ordered. No telling what I'll do with them.

Attached is a picture of the handles turned. These belong to LOML so you know they had to look good. I heartily recommend this product and hope you have good luck with it like I did.

Steve Kniffen


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