Four Rineharts

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Feb 2, 2011
Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Made these over the last 3 days. Four Rinehart rollerballs from Berea
Top and bottom use carbon fiber blanks that I bought from Exotics
Second from top is made with feather blanks from Marla via Classic Nib (Reeves pheasant)
Second from bottom has Bocote blanks with no finish

All except the Bocote pen are PR-cast, turned, and sanded 400-2000 grit then polished with Novus 3 then Novus 2. The Bocote wood pen is sanded 240-1200 and left in that state

I like the hexagonal style of the Rinehart, but things get a bit tricky during assembly trying to align the surfaces of the hexagonal themed components with each other (and with the blank pattern in the case of the feathers)

I make things easier to align by reaming out the brass tube ends so that the components fit a little loosely and can be turned, and then I glue the parts in one by one using 5 minute epoxy

Apart from that, the Rinehart is an easy pen for beginners because the design naturally favors straight-sided blanks.

I really like the solid-cast clip

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