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Apr 20, 2007
Bowie, MD, USA.
Ever have something happen that you just can’t stop smiling about? I’ve had a couple of those times in my life, several of which relate directly to my passion for penmaking. Earlier this year PIPERS was contacted by one of our wholesale buyers with an incredible proposition. They had been purchasing our pens at our normal “keystone” pricing (50% or our show/web retail) but had been selling them for significantly more through their shops and other distribution channels. Their proposal, form a new company where I only have to worry about production, they will handle sales and marketing. Jeremy and I looked at the plusses and minuses and could not find any reason not to go forward without the grind of doing shows and hunting for other distribution channels.

Our new partner is The Great Republic, a high end purveyor of American history items and other luxury products. The contacts they are bringing to this partnership are incredible and the things I will be able to incorporate into our pens going forward are just unbelievable. I literally get goose bumps thinking about the items and artists I will be able to work with.

Today marks the first public appearance of The Great Republic Pen Company. Jeremy is doing a show today at Fahrney’s Pen Shop, a long time customer of ours, displaying the first series of historic pens. You may have seen the pictures and videos I have posted on Facebook over the last month showing the barrels painted by Hannah Niedwick, our resident artist. The pens we are premiering today are made from White House wood that was used in the 1815 restoration after the burning; HMS Victory wood; USS Missouri deck wood; George Washington witness wood and Thomas Jefferson witness wood. All of these are paired with original artwork depicting significant events associated with the people and structures.

Jeremy will be attending the Washington Nationals Gala tomorrow night where our watch parts pens will be featured in both the live auction items and in the sales booth.

We will overhaul the website over the next month or so and have more really cool announcements about some of the future pens.

When I started turning pens 12 years ago, I never imagined what it would become. I have learned much from many and I thank each of you who have contributed to my growth as a penmaker. Follow your dreams folks, it doesn’t have to stop at the local craft show!


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