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Apr 6, 2014
Philipsburg, PA
I graduated to kitless pens a while ago - but, every now and then it’s nice to go back and turn a kit pen. I thought these duraclick pens from PSI were nice - so I thought I would challenge myself to make a few, and see what I could do to make it look as good as possible through photography.

How’d I do?

(Duraclick kit w/ Kingwood blank)


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Feb 6, 2005
Tunica, Mississippi,
To me, the first pict is much better because there is more light on the underside, probably because of a combination of reflection and light angle. Photos of pens that are lighted from the top and photographed from the side or from above at an angle, do not show the complete pen. It is my opinion that photos that showcases pens, the pen should be main purpose, not a just photograph with a pen in it.

While the first photo is a little busy, the pen is clearly visible, even in the shaded parts, and that draws the eye away from the surroundings to itself and onto the pen. The second photo is a little too dark in the shaded parts, which then makes the eye search out other things in the photograph.

If it is the photograph with a pen in it - that is one thing,
but if it is a photograph OF a pen, that is another.
- that is to me what makes the difference in pen photography.

Photographs of "pens" with things in the background or even foreground do help if they don't distract from the pen.

An experienced artistic person can include things in a photograph of a pen that add to the pict to increase the curiosity without distracting from the central theme - the pen. And that does not touch on the lighting or focus, which are different.

Just my opinion.
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Mar 15, 2017
Cleveland, TN
Use a light background to highlight the pen. You have an interesting background but hides the pen itself. I have a setup with tan fabric, clamp lights with curly Q bulbs. My wife made thin cloth covers to diffuse the light. Also, try to have the subject as "square" to the lens as possible. This prevents part of the subject being out of focus. I built a "ramp" to raise the pen and other things on a more square plane.


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