Firewood, maybe not

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Dec 22, 2017
Wolf Creek Montana
A few years back my daughter had a big Elm tree removed and I was the lucky one to get about 3 cords of nice hot burning Elm. Recently I was moving the wood from the wood lot and up to the wood shed. As I looked at it, it struck me as some nice looking wood so I decided to try and turn some of it. The pen pictured here is that wood after running a hunk through the band saw. The kit is a comfort pen. I tried something new with the finish so I used WOP as a friction polish, about 4 coats, let it sit overnight and used 00 steel wool and some Minwax floor polish (wax) to finish it all off. My wife was impressed and I'm sure my daughter will like it so I think I'm good.

elm front.jpg elm right.jpg elmleft.jpg
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