Finished a few today that I had in the works

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Feb 22, 2012
Las Cruces, NM
Finished up a couple of Field Click pens I got from Turners Warehouse. Used some leftover Woodshed blanks I got from BearTooth Woods that have been discontinued. The silver metallic one cracked at the nib when I pressed in the coupler. I will take it apart and reuse the kit. Figured I would post a photo anyway. DSCN0548.jpg DSCN0549.jpg DSCN0550.jpg DSCN0551.jpg DSCN0552.jpg

The other one is a Jr. Hamilton kit also from Turners Warehouse using a diamond cast blank I got in the PITH exchange. I like the kit but the components seemed tight when pressing them in so I was thinking this one might crack the blanks.
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