February was a good month

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Mar 19, 2017
Houston, Texas
My goal is one pen per week, and I more than doubled that in February with a total of 9. Pretty happy with my results for the month.

The Black Locust Burl Baron was my submission for the Pretty Wood Pen competition. I'm disappointed it didn't make it out of the first round, my worst finish in three attempts. Oh well, I think I ended up with a pretty nice pen.

The sketch pencil is in Cherry burl that my dad brought to me me from his firewood pile. I milled it up, cutting it in half by hand, and then stabilized some pen blanks. I'm going to give the pencil to my dad, I hope he likes it. Not bad for firewood.

The box elder burl Zen was a blank that I won from Rholiday in the 2018 super bowl pool, I stabilized myself with CJ.

The blue Le Roi V2 are also from my super bowl winnings courtesy of MagicBob. I thought the blank was green, was surprised by brilliant blue. My guess is that it's maple, but not sure.

The bolt actions are all antler. I started a couple of stands too, but haven't finished them yet.


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