Exotic Blanks - Outstanding customer service!

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Sep 24, 2007
Augusta, Maine, USA.
Once again, Ed gave went way above and beyond with his customer service and attention to my needs. There were two pens kits that I needed in a hurry, and Exotics was currently out of stock. I sent a note with the rest of my order inquiring when they may have them available. Ed checked with his supplier, and was not able to get a firm date. Not only that, but Ed then found a vendor that currently had what I needed available! Outstanding!

Thank you, Ed, for going the extra mile. I did end up getting what I needed based upon your referral. But if time wasn't a factor, I would have gladly waited until you had what I needed. This level of service is far better, and more appreciated, than any "customer loyalty" program could ever aspire to be.
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