Entire workshop for sale

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Mar 2, 2009
Charlotte, North Carolina
A few years ago i started getting into making chessboards and endgrain cutting boards and used my pen business to buy a lot of high end Powermatic and Jet tools and will be posting them for sale in a few weeks:

Most of this stuff in still under factory warranty and in as new condition. I've always taken exceptional care of my equipment and never stressed it or abused it.

Delta Unisaw 3hp with 52" beisemeyer and all the options/upgrades (this is the new model and about 4 years old)
Jet 15" 3HP bandsaw (1 yr old)
Jet 22/44 drum sander
Jet 16" planer (1yr old)
Jet Edge belt sander (1 yr old)
Powermatic 6" helical jointer
Jessem Router table with Mast-R-Lift 2/Bosch 1617 router and every possible high end Jessem and woodpecker option/accessory
Plus, some high quality exotic lumber and all kinds of fences, miter gauges, Woodpecker jigs/tools and accessories.
Everything, except for the Unisaw is on mobile base and has manual and everything else it came with.

Everything is lightly used, top of the line and very well cared for.

I know you like to see a price for each and I plan on doing that in a few weeks when I put them up for sale. For now, I just wanted to let you all know and see if anyone is getting ready to set up an entire shop and might want to make it easy and take everything off my hands at once. For everything, I'd probably want around 8-9k. There's probably about 20k in tools and accessories here and it's all as new condition and well cared for.

Thanks and please ask any questions.
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