English Horse Riding Themed Pens

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Jan 31, 2023
I've done a large run of English Riding themed pens over the last couple of weeks. If you've not seen them before, the hardware on the pens mimics the various billets, buckles and other leathers on an english riding saddle. My kids both compete as eventers and dressage riders so we made a large batch of pens to give away as part of their pony club's annual awards. The pens are a mixture of the antique brass and antique pewter platings. I used bubinga and mahogany for the blanks across both plating types.

Along with that, a couple of the adults who ride at the barn have asked me to make them pens also so I've included photos of those too.

I think these pen components do a neat job at showing off their theme and are pretty well done. The top has a horse in it too.

I purchased them from Exotic Blanks.

IMG_9691 McDowell English Pen JohnU.jpg

This is the group made for the Pony Club. The annual award winners got one to go with their traveling trophy.
IMG_9714 SJPC English Group.jpg

The red/white blank was cast by JohnU, I got it from Exotic Blanks. The yellow is called Veridean lemon drop and came from the Pensmiths
IMG_9695 McDowell English pair.jpg

This red & white blank is called Cherry Cordial from the Pensmiths and the 2nd is a Redwood Lace Burl from Exotic Blanks. Sorry the photo is not as good as the others. I'll go back to asking my wife to take the photos. She does a better job.

20231207_093423 Campbell english.jpg
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