*** Ended *** Yet Another Better Than 72 Hour Sale - Angels, Knights and Demons Pen Blank Series

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Dec 27, 2006
Land O Lakes, Florida, USA.
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All Blanks Normally List for $12 each - Sales Price $9 each
Shipping in USA is $5 - Take 5+ Blanks and Shipping is Free
Message me your list and we will workout the details

Sale starts when posted and ends 12 midnight PST Monday Jan 17th
God's Warrior-17877 PSI Knights Armor - 17878 Gothic Spiritual Twist - ST178xx Sierra ™ Style
Why God Gave Them Weapons -17094 PSI Knights Armor - 9859 Gothic Spiritual Twist - ST98xx Sierra ™ Style
Relelations 12:7 Archangel Michael
- 4438 PSI Knights Armor - 4442 Gothic Spiritual Twist - 4446 Sierra ™ Style
Templar Knight Weather The Storm -4377 PSI Knights Armor - 4381 Gothic Spiritual Twist - ST43xx Sierra ™ Style
Warrior's Creed "Be Without Fear" -KAxxxx PSI Knights Armor - GSTxxxx Gothic Spiritual Twist - STxxxx Sierra ™ Style

Gothic Spiritaul Twist Kits available list price $9.95-10% discount with pen blank order 1 set of bushings included

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