*** Ended *** Yet Another Almost 72 Hour Sale - Offering 5 Bolt Action TEC Pen Kits – 5 Unique Platings

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Dec 27, 2006
Land O Lakes, Florida, USA.
Offering 5 Bolt Action TEC Pen Kits – 5 Unique Platings
#544 – Gold (3)
#548 – Chrome (5)
#546 – Gunmetal (4)
#114 - Antique Copper Rose (0) Sold Out
#100 - Antique Bronze (4)
The slide action TEC-pen kit is a sleek pen design which has two styles, with touch cap or without.
It's perfect for everyday use with it's reliable slide action mechanism that smoothly advances and retracts the refill for consistent performance.
Sale is for a Mix-n-Match of 5 Pen Kits from 5 different platings
Sale starts when posted and ends 11 PM PST Friday. Feb. 12th
Price is $46 - Shipping of $4 in USA

Take 10 or more kits and shipping in USA is free and bushings are included
Bushing set available for $2.50
Optional shipping insurance $3.00 – upgrades shipping to priority mail
International shipping is available FOB Land O Lakes FL
These are not PSI kits. However, they are equivalent and quality is good
Any Pen images are for reference and not part of the offering
KitImage-No Pen-Chrome.pngKitImage-No Pen-Gold.pngKitImage-No Pen-Gunmetal.pngPenKitImage - No Pen - ARCP.pngPenKitImage - No Pen - Bronze.png
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