*** Ended *** Nothing Says Spring Like the Aroma of Botanicals - Potpourri Grade Botanical Pen Blank Sale

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Dec 27, 2006
Land O Lakes, Florida, USA.
We have paired organic potpourri grade botanicals with dyed Alumilite resin to create completly
unique pen blanks.
Each blank measures roughly 5.25" x 3/4" x 3/4".

Eight (8) different combinations of botanical and colors:
  1. Dried Rose petals and Rose Hips in a Cranberry resin
  2. White Chrysanthemum flowers in a deep blue resin
  3. White Chrysanthemum flowers in a dark red resin
  4. White Chrysanthemum flowers in a dark green resin
  5. Dried Hibiscus flowers in a deep red resin
  6. Chamomile flowers in a yellow resin
  7. Egyptian Marigold ( Calendula ) petals (Yellow) in an orange resin
  8. French lavender flowers in a deep purple resin
These blanks retail for $12.75 each - this offer is for $10 each - Mix-n-Match
1 - 4 blanks Shipping in USA is $4.00
5+ Blanks and shipping in USA is free

Sale starts when posted and ends 12 Midnight PDT Friday April 23r
International Shipping available upon request.

Any pens shown are for reference and not part of the order.
Comment Sold and send me a PM to work out the details
handmade-acrylic-pen-blank-potpourri-botanical-orange-peel-orange-alumilite-resin-58da9e351.jpgSierraWithFlowersAndBlanks-Part-2.jpgLavender Botanical-1.jpgCamomelle_Pen_Blanks-Etsy.jpgBlue-Chry-EB_0001.pngGreen-Chry_0016.pngRed-Chry_0009.png_MG_0025.JPG
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