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Dec 27, 2006
Land O Lakes, Florida, USA.
Offering 5 Simplicity Touch Stylus Pen Kits - Mix-n-Match

5 Platings available - (Qty. in Stock)
***** Gold (5)
***** Copper (3)
***** Chrome (5)
***** Original Brass (5)
***** Gunmetal (10)

This is a sleek, slim, elegant pen that fits perfectly in the modern digital world.
Great everyday pen for anyone that works with a tablet or smart phone.

Single tube design for easy turning and features a touch stylus end cap.

Drill Size is 8mm ( Drill Size Letter P works also )
Offer is $22.50 for 5 kits

Sale starts when posted and ends when sold out or closed by me.

Comment Buy 5 to request a set - Details completed via Private Message
Requests are processed in the order received as determined by timestamp

Shipping in $5.00
Bushings available for $2.50 a set

Any pen images shown are for reference and not part of the offering
Simplicity Chrome No Pen KitImage.pngSimplicity Copper No Pen Kit Image.pngSimplicity Gold No Pen Kit Image.pngSimplicity Gunmetal No Pen Kit Image.pngSimplicity Original Brass No Pen Kit Image.pngPen Images.jpg
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