**** ENDED **** Gothic Spiritual Twist Starter Kit

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Dec 27, 2006
Land O Lakes, Florida, USA.
Save with this starter package!

You get 3 Gothic Spiritual pen kits one each in Antique Bronze,
Antique Gunmetal Polish and Antique Rose Copper and a 2 piece bushing set.
The pen features intricate Gothic scroll work on the tip, clip and end as well as
a pearl cabochon on the end.

The antique polish plated pen kit provides a rustic, authentic look that will
pair beautifully with any wood blank. Each pen's plating creates a dense
classical tinge that hearkens back an ancient age.

#7179 - Gothic Spiritual Starter Set - $27.75 - Order by Private Message or
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Pairs well with our Templar Knight and Archangel Michael cast blanks
List price $12.00 each - add to starter kit order $10.00 each.

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