**** Ended **** Clearance Sale - Pirate Skull Twist Ballpoint Pen Kit - 5 piece Mix-n-Match

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Dec 27, 2006
Land O Lakes, Florida, USA.
The pirate skull twist pen kit is a unique nautical theme pen.
The pen cap is a skull with red crystal eyes, while pen clip and tip are embellished
with decorative bone accents. The center band features a pirate design, skull and crossed machetes.

Available in 3 distinct platings and kits available
#2659 Antique Silver Polish (5)
#2660 Antique Bronze Polish (4)
#2661 Antique Rose Copper Polish (6)

Sale starts when posted and ends 11 PM EDT Tues. Sept 17th
Sale price is $49. for your choice of 5 kits Mix-n-Match
$5.50 S&H Take all 15 and shipping and bushings are included
Bushings are available for $3.50
Pen Kit.jpgPen Cap - ARCP.jpgPen Kit ARCP.jpgPen Kit.png
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