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Feb 2, 2007
Greenbrier, AR. USA.
Hello everyone:
In order to communicate with everyone I would like to build a group email list so I only have to send information once. Jeff is working on a way to do that here but so far it has not gotten to the top of the list.:biggrin:

So, if you don't mind me having your address, go to my profile, click on contacts and send me an email with your email address. Once I get everyone, I will send a group email asking about preferences for meetings such as "how often, where, when, etc." I would like to get started on deciding on club activities etc.

I was afraid that everyone didn't check this local sub forum often enough to do it here. If you don't desire to share your email address then send me a pm and I will know to communicate with you a different way. Thanks for your help.
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