Drumming Along

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Jul 16, 2014
15314 Grasslands, Parker, CO 80134
I had a request to make a pen for a friends son who is a drummer. She really wanted something that had her son's favorite drumstick on it, so I was off to the music store. Had a few odd looks from the clerk when I told her what I was doing. I found a drumstick that I thought I could use, and so I proceeded with the effort.

Ok so I normally drill with a pen vice and drill press. Right away I knew that was not going to work. I had to be absolutely perfect in the center. So I got out my chuck and was able to use my lathe to drill. It was pretty close, but the trick was I had to barely turn the ends down to match the nib and still save the name.

So I finally made that work and was happy with it, and sitting on the bench was the tip of the stick. Hmmm can I make a pen with it? I decided to try and it was WAY more difficult to drill. Again it had to be perfect but the drumstick is really thin at the tip. After numerous drill bit and using the lathe and the drill press, I ended up with the bit in the drill press and turning it by hand. the bit I had was literally exactly the right length. I was only able to use 1/2 the length of the tube in that section as it thinned too much.

Then of course I had a slight issue with the fit and decided to use a section of delrin for the center band and also to help fix the thickness at the clip end.

Overall, I like it and proved to myself I could do it! lol I am wondering now, which one my friend will want. Maybe both?


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