Dixie Tool Crib, Inc., Dixie Tool Company Texas

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widows son

Jan 1, 2011
round rock, tx
Dixie Tool Crib is a company that sells machinery and supplies primarily to the manufacturing business. I have found them to to be an excellent source for just about anything I need for my power tools and shop. I have purchased among other things, grinder wheels, abrasives, Morse Taper adapters, drill chucks, pulleys, tool steel, belts, drill bits and other project supplies. Their prices are at least as good as what I have seen online and most are less expensive. If they don't have something in stock they will order it and call you when the item arrives or will ship it. The guys in Sales that I talk to are friendly, patient and knowledgeable. Good folks to know when you start looking for watchyamacallits and gadgets.


Stores are in Austin, TX

613 Industrial Boulevard
Austin, TX 78745
Phone: (512) 447-4107
Fax: (512) 447-7818
Toll Free: (800) 447-4788

and in Brownsville, TX

275 King Highway
Brownsville, TX 78521
Phone: (956) 544-4333 Fax: (956) 544-0410
Toll Free: (800) 580-4377
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