desired demos for the monthly meetings

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Jun 21, 2005
San Antonio, Texas, USA.
We discussed a plethora of topics, such as kit-less, closed-end, sharpening, CA finishing, etc. Anyone got a list of other demos they are interested is seeing? Also, what techniques and tips are you capable of performing?

I don't want to see some members with specific skills getting burned out by always doing the demos.

Post your comments, and let's build try to prioritize the demos.

I did a demo a number of years ago on turning a closed end pen. I took it one step further, and actually showed how to make a pin chuck that can be used for a closed end pen turning. The demo was generic enough to allow for the creation of any number of chucks, each tailored to the a different pen's size.

I am willing to do this demo again, but I would like to challenge the members to actually go back to their shops, make at least on pin chuck, and then actually use it to turn their own closed-end pen.

I can also cover the Alan Laser's techniques of tool sharpen I discussed in the last meeting.


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Sep 3, 2009
San Antonio, TX 78247
Travis, thanks for the challenge.
How about Demos on segmenting, turning between centers along with use of calipers, building inlay kits, application of decals, the basics of fountain pens and tuning of nib tip, for a few.
I wish we had a way of giving a tour of the IAP site and how to use all the features.
Let me know if I can help with any of the demos.
I would appreciate the demo on closed end pens and pin mandrels.

Now, how do we get everyone to start using this site and learning what it can do for them???

Maybe we can get a roster of all our members of IAP, by name and member ID, and use as a private messaging(PM) system for meetings.........if everyone will join.
There is also a group of Texas Turners here on IAP. We will probably have a new member to our group. I have invited someone who posted wondering about pen turners in SA.
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