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Oct 7, 2009
Aurora, MO
Folks - I have just had the best customer service from any business I have worked with over the years and had to share it with you. I luckily live close enough to be able to go to the offices of Wood-N-Whimsies in Missouri. While there Tim and Tracy showed me their vast inventory of blanks and pen supplies. They were very gracious and polite. When I left I forgot an item I had purchased. Tracy offered to mail it out to me ASAP however since I was still in the area I just went back to pick it up. Again while there nothing but kindness and professionalism was shown to me.
Kudo's to them. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out for your supplies as they have "won me over" for life. :highfive: :biggrin:

Does anyone else have a great customer service story?
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