Curly koa, macadamia, bonus box

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Nov 20, 2004
Sequim, Wa, USA.
Some people have been asking about koa, I have three super curly jumbo blanks $8 each, 2 standard size $6 each, two curly spalted and sapwood blanks (each slab should yield 2 blanks) $10 each. I also have macadamia nut slabs which is a seldom seen wood, like lacewood/sycamore 1 x2x6 $6 each.

I have been going through blanks and pulled out a real mix of blanks and put them in a box 6 stabilized spalted maple burl, 2 brown mallee burl, stabilized dyed blue curly mango, aboyna burl with sapwood, 2 lacewood, 2 fishtail oak, 10 unstabilized spalted maple burl, 7 koa some curl, 6 super curly soft maple, 13 curly mango, 2 lace redwood burl. That is over 53 blanks for $75 shipped to your door, less than $2 per blank.All my stuff has a money back guarantee.


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