Cross Cut and Straight Cut Phesant Wood Bolt Action Pens

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Feb 8, 2015
Salem, CT USA
In my previous post of Phesant wood pens It was suggested by George V (Robutacion) that a cross Grain would look good. Here is his comment:

"With this Pheasant wood, one of the things that impress me is the end-grain, 044.JPG regardless if the wood is a light or dark colour that end-grain layers layout is just stunning, unfortunately, the wood I get has the dimensions of 55x4x2cm but if I had/could get a piece/board 130mm wide and at least 21mm thick I would be cutting lots of cross-cut blanks and stabilise them for further strengthening, I may make a glue-up I doubt we would be able to see the joints, I will try and report.

George "

So here is my attempt at gluing up and turning a normal blank I got from him. For comparison I am posting a normal straight cut blank on the same pen kit. While I think the glued up blank is nice I must agree that a one piece cross-cut blank would make a really nice pen. Maybe one day he'll be able to get some large enough to cut up.

Very interested in what you may think.


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Mar 2, 2012
New Brunswick/ Canada
I prefer the straight grained also, I don't like seeing the glue-up lines being so eye-catching. Plus, for me, the glue-up is just to busy or something that I don't like.
But if you want a chuckle, hear I am checking out these two pen, which are very nicely shaped and finished. Now back to the story of my stupidity, I was checking out these two pens, and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why a person would make a pen with a notch in the handle. Like the second looks to have, it took a good two to three minutes before I realized what was going on. It was or is the pen stand, that makes the pen look the way it does. I felt so stupid when I realized what it was. šŸ¤Ŗ



Aug 6, 2009
Australia - SA Adelaide Hills
G'day Larry,

Thank you for playing with my suggestion, you did what you could with regular pen blank size and the results are exactly what I predicted if made that way, I still wish I had a piece wide enough to cut some cross-cut blanks of this wood, the look would be somehow different and depending on if the wood was light or dark colour but I still think the cross-cut "layers" look stunning.

The shapes and fit/finish are very good, congrats on your efforts and for sharing...! šŸ‘

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