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Warren White

Aug 27, 2014
Livermore, CA
I have NEVER had a bad experience with CSUSA. Their Customer Service and products are excellent.

I have ordered A LOT of their Apprentice Fancy Slimline pen kits from them. (Now I realize that my "a lot" may seem like just a few to many others....)

I have encountered a problem with the twist mechanism on a small number of the kits. The threads were damaged or something, and the cartridge would not easily thread into it. I called and was assured that they would replace any that were defective. I agreed to go through all of my kits and give them a final number. It turned out that only 5 had the problem.

I called and they sent new twist mechanisms. At the same time, I ordered 5 new White Marble acrylic blanks (I LOVE these!). They were all sent right away (I got them today); and there was no charge for shipping!!!

Great company! Thank you CSUSA!
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