Couple of Pensars and Sierras

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Feb 22, 2012
Las Cruces, NM
Got around to using up a couple of Pensar kits I had kicking around. I eliminated the center band component and just used a longer sierra brass tube cut to the required length. I used up a pre-cast blank that had some casting defects I got for free and a leftover from another project.

The two-tone sierras are using a leftover RhinoPlastic blank and a piece of Arizona Rosewood. I got the Arizona Rosewood from someone that worked at a Botanical Garden in Tucson. The specimen shrub/bush/dinky tree died and she was able to get a few sections. It is a bit open grained. I was lazy and just used several coats of MiniWax wipe-on poly ( satin). I am sure next time I will use a CA finish for more depth. I have a lot of this stuff so wanted to give it a go over the weekend since I was using the wipe-on poly on another project

. DSCN0344.jpgDSCN0345.jpgDSCN0339.jpgDSCN0340.jpg
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