Coral Explosion - Fractal Art - Resin Cast Classic "Sierra" Twist Pen Blanks

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Dec 27, 2006
Land O Lakes, Florida, USA.
Just in Time for Mother's Day

Coral Explosion is our newest design and just in time for Mother's Day. Using a special computer program we generated a unique fractal image that we named Coral Explosion. Colors include shades of lavender, gold, blue, yellow and green.

The image is printed on a waterproof label, attached to the pen kit's brass tube and cast in clear epoxy resin.

Round blank has been turned and polished. Raw blanks are square

Available for:
Any Classic Twist pen kit using a 27/64" brass tube

We will take custom cast requests for other kits.
Any pen image is for reference and not part of the offering.

If interested comment and message me to work out the details

$12 each 1 - 4 blanks
$10 each 5+
And always free shipping in the USA

_MG_0009.JPG_MG_0010.JPG_MG_0011.JPG_MG_0012.JPG_MG_0013.JPG_MG_0014.JPGWatermark Coral Fractal  - 20200415.png
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