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Feb 22, 2005
I had mentioned this before this Bash party started but now that it is in full swing and some of the contests are coming to a close, your vote counts and is needed more than ever for those that not only entered the contests but the showing of support for those running them and the people behind the scenes. This event is for the members and being you joined this great group that means you if you are reading this. It takes some effort to put on this event every year and to have it continue the support of its members is very much needed. Lets show those that participated how much we care and go to each contest and place a vote. If a contest is going to have a second voting please do not overlook that one because that is for all the marbles..

There are some really great looking projects that make them all worthy of prizes but we all know that is not possible. Yet it maybe difficult to choose you must do it. Have to say even if you did not win please hold your head up high and be proud of your entry. We all enjoyed seeing them. Pen making is alive and continues to grow with so many new players and talents. We have yet to see them all but from what has been shown so far things are great in the pen making world.

A huge thanks goes out to those running the contests also. So lets get out and vote. Bring them home. :):):)
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