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Mar 25, 2019
I need to clear out some component inventory to create capital to purchase materials for a large sudden order. I am trying to sell these in packages to limit shipping hassles. I am pricing all items 25% below retail. I put together some sets of products that some members might like to try. A couple of the sets include pin chucks to create closed-end pens.

I am open to trades for materials… mainly vintage materials, European acrylics, colored ebonite, and kitless resin rods.

USPS flat-rate shipping is not included in the price. No guarantee on pen refills in the kits, but most kits are not very old. PayPal accepted. Claims are accepted in the order that they are received via post or PM. Please PM if there are any questions.

U.S. Shipping rates: Small box + $8.55 --- Med box + $14.75

Retail prices for 1 unit are shown next to each item.

Package 1
Closed End Jr. Series Package - includes pin chucks to turn a closed-end body and cap.

5 x Jr. Gentleman Black Ti $25.95
rherrell pin chucks for body and cap $34
bushings $4
Extra tube set $1

Total retail: $168.75

-25%: $42.19
Total: $126.00


Package 2
Razor package

Woodcraft Deluxe Razor stand chrome + used bushings $13.50
2 x Woodcraft Fusion Razor kit chrome + used bushings $12.99
PSI Deluxe Razor stand kit chrome $22.95
2x PSI Razor handle kit chrome – Fusion $12.75
2x CSUSA Artisan Razor kit fusion Gunmetal $12.75

Total retail: $113.43
-25%: $28.36
Total: $85.00


Package 3
Closed-End Baron Package - Includes pin chucks to turn a closed-end body and cap.

2 x Baron Rollerball Black Ti $23.95
2 x Baron Rollerball Chrome $16.95
rherrell body and cap pin chucks $34

Total retail: $115.80

-25%: $28.95
Total: $86.00


Package 4
The Meditation Package

2 x Zen Rollerball Chrome $18.95
2 x Zen Rollerball Black Ti $26.95
2 x Zen Extra Tube Sets $1
Zen Bushings $4.50

Total retail: $98.30

-25%: $24.57
Total: $73.00


Package 5
The Dayacom Sampler

Panache Black Chrome $13.95
Panache Rhodium $19.95
Long Clicker Chrome $12.95
Aero Twist Chrome/10kt $14.95
Elegant Beauty Black Ti/Copper $13.50
Panache bushings- New $4

Total retail: $79.30
-25%: $19.83
Total: $59.00


Package 6
The Jr. Sampler

Jr. Gent Roller Black Ti $25.95
Jr. Gent Roller Rhodium $32.95
Jr. Harold Roller Black Ti $23.95
Jr George Roller Antique Brass $18.95
3x CSUSA ECO Jr. Gent II Gun Metal $7.75

Total retail: $125.05

-25%: $31.26
Total: $93.00


Package 7

The Fountain Pen Sampler

2x Churchill Fountain Pen Gold $19.85
Woodcraft Navigator Sterling Silver $27.99
Woodcraft Euro Fountain Gold $16.99
Jr. George Antique Brass $19.99
Jr. George Antique Silver $19.99
Euro Bushings - used 1 time $4
Navigator Bushings - used 1 time $4
Churchill Bushings - slightly used $6

Total retail: $138.66

-25%: $34.67
Total: $103.00


Package 8
The Majestic Package

2 x Gold T/N & Black T/N Majestic Squire $17.95
Majestic Rollerball Rhodium and Black TN $32
Extra Majestic Tube Set $1
Majestic Barrel Sleeves-new $5
Majestic Bushings-new $4

Total retail: $77.90
-25%: $19.48
Total: $58.00

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