Club meeting 19th of October Hope to see you there

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Edward Cypher

Feb 8, 2011
Denver, Colorado
Hello everyone we will be having a meeting as usual on the third thursday of the month at 630 in Loveland at the Woodcraft. That is this Thursday.

Marty will be demoing Curt Herzogs CA finish which we were able to see at the Loveland Symposium along with some other techniques to take your pen turning to the next level.

Also Harry Farmer is collecting pens for the female Veterans. After talking to some at the Symposium we realized that sometimes (many times) the females are truly forgotten since they do not typically wear baseball caps or leathers with their unit identified on. So we are sending 67 pens to a VFW with female veterans if you have any and can donate thanks in advance. This was brought to Harry's attention when he was explaining he carries a pen case with him everywhere and when he sees a veteran, usually identified by a cap or leathers he offers them a pen and the lady thought that was awesome but did let us know we are missing a whole gender because of identifying veterans this way. So he is leading the way to recognize these female Veterans.

Remember all our welcome at our meetings. Hope to see a few new faces.

Edward Cypher
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