Closed End Needlewood Fountain

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May 31, 2010
Mackay. Australia
Continuing on with my closed end series. This one is made from Needlewood.
I received a suggestion from Dan that it would look better with a wooden button on the end of the cap instead of the black plastic job, thanks Dan I think its a big improvement.
I made this one about 15mm longer than the last 2, just experimenting with size and proportions.
I swapped the threaded coupling for the feed with the shorter finial end coupling to overcome the issue of the nib fouling on the end of the cap due to it being shorter without the 2 rings on the centre band.
The shorter thread means the cap takes only 1/2 a turn to screw on or off. I don't like the feel of this, and in future will probably opt for a longer brass tube for the cap to get around this problem.

It has a high gloss CA finish, just doesn't show shiny under my LED lights.



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