Classic Churchill Style Fountain Pen Kits - with Cracker Jack Surprise

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Dec 27, 2006
Land O Lakes, Florida, USA.
While move some inventory around this morning I found a few Churchill style fountain pen kits.
These are the older style kits that require a "B"-mandrel.

The Churchill Fountain Pen offers classic, yet bold styling, and a new clip adds an additional
air of distinction. The special inner cap guide provides for flawless fluid movement when
screwing the cap on and off. This is an easy kit to make and accepts the premium Schmidt ink pump.
Inventory in this offer with (Quantity):
#552 - Churchill FP - Gold (5)
#554 - Churchill FP - Silver (6)
– 31/64” Drill Bit - Lower
– 33/64" Drill Bit - Upper
Requires a “B” mandrel

Kits are $11 each plus shipping

Reply "Sold" in the comment section and we complete the transaction via Private Message,
Shipping depends on the number of kits take + you receive a Cracker Jack surprise in your shipment.

1 - 5 Kits $6.00
6+ Kits Flat Rate $8.00 and a set of bushings
Take them all and shipping in USA is free and bushings included

Bushings available for $3.50 each
Churchill FP Gold Kit No Watermark.jpgKitImageNoWatermark.jpgcrackerjackpacket.jpg
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