Chicagoland IAP Chapter - October Review / December Meeting

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Dec 1, 2006
Aurora, Ill, USA.
October Meeting Recap:

Many thanks to Ed Brown from for the presentation on sales and marketing. I have been doing shows for about eight years and I was able to take a lot from the program. And moreover, it was fun to watch the exchanges between Ed and Dick Sing. It was great to see Dick back at the meeting. Thanks guys.

MPG (Midwest Penturners Gathering) – April 26 & 27, 2019 – Schaumburg Illinois
The main room can hold about 250. We plan to have about a dozen vendors in that room also. Vendor space is almost completely taken already so that looks great. The hands on rooms is directly next door and connected to the main room. Enough for about 100. Already have at least 2 volunteers to teach in that room. One on wood segmenting and the second as hands on for making watch parts pens. And the guest rooms are great also. This is going to be a blast. We will have more details next month. The website is almost ready and testing has begun on it. There will be a big benefit to registering early.

The nucleus of the Chicago team is Ed Brown, John Underhill, and Mark Dreyer, but we know we will be asking for volunteers to help out. If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer let any of us know – the earlier the better. We look forward to keeping the quality of the event that the teams in front of us have started.

I think this will be great for the pen turning community and offer more opportunity for all of us to get together and get involved.

December Meeting (12/15/18):

It will feature Steve with his experience with the Neje laser engraver.. Kim will also go over a few sharpening techniques.

The List For 2018
We will meet the third Saturday of every even month (except June – the fourth Saturday).

February 17 – Don (Cholla Cactus)
April 21 – Chris (Beal Pen Wizard)
June 23 – Greg (Casting and Stabilization)
August 18 – Terry (Serpentine)
October 20 – Ed Brown (Marketing For Pens)
December 15 –Steve (Laser Engraving)

2019 – Dates are set
February 16 – Segmenting with alternative materials
April 20 – Chris (Scallops)
June 15
August 17
October 19
December 21

All meetings are from 10 am - 1 pm
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
139 South Weber Road
Bolingbrook, IL 60490

December (2018) Christmas Challenge:
A total of $25 (kit and blank). Make the best pen you can, and the winner gets the glory (and the prizes). I encourage to use some technique you either learned or were inspired to try. We will vote as a group. This year’s winner was a nice watch parts pen.

Demo Challenge
Each month we will have a new challenge. Serpentine pen.

Tips and Tricks:
Please bring your tips and tricks for all of us to share and learn. Last month we had a few but always looking for more. Even if small – it might be something someone else is struggling with.

Show and Tell:
Please bring any pens you either loved making and just want to show off / are having trouble with a techniques and want help / want feedback on / or just want to put on a table. This will be an open forum to help each other. You will find two things out – one helping others is fun and two you know more than you think you do and others will benefit.

Looking for demonstrators and / or topics. If you have any interest in doing a demo email me. Also if you have suggestions for a demo you would like to see email me back.

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May 2, 2017
Northwest IN
Great meeting last Saturday--as always!! Was neat to learn that Mike is the manufacturer of the Rotary Jig for lasers, and that was a good demo on the Neje machine. Thanks to Greg for the great blank I won in the drawing--still looking at it to figure out how I want to use it.

And...a special thanks to whoever brought the donuts!! I love apple fritters, and that may have been the best one I've ever had!! While i'm not over that way often, I do need to find out where that fritter came from.

Already looking forward to February. Merry Christmas to ALL!!
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