C’mon, c’mon and do the locomotion

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Sly Dog

Nov 16, 2018
Boise, Idaho
The loser locomotion, that is. Here are mine:

The segmented pen made it to the second round and I was really grateful for that. I’ve been experimenting with using my router to segment blanks and, in this pen, I put some bocote strips into opposing sides of a Birdseye maple blank. Tried 60 degree scallops at one end with aluminum, Paduak and a mystery wood I had bought at Woodcraft (might be purple heart but I’m not positive). I used epoxy so it took a week or so to get the blank ready. Used a CA finish, which I’m allergic to, so I have to apply that in small doses over 2-3 days while wearing a respirator to avoid an unpleasant reaction.

The Koa pen was my entry in the Pretty Wood contest and was my experiment with non-CA finishes. I settled upon using Mylands sanding sealer with the Mylands friction polish and was pretty pleased with the result tho the photo might suggest otherwise. I made it for a special person and decided to enter it when I wasn’t sure the segmented blank was gonna work out.

Thanks for looking, voting and commenting. This was a fun learning experience with so many inspiring entries in every category!



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