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Jan 11, 2019
Morristown, NJ
Hi folks,
I’m a newbie and just finished my first pen. Its a comfort pen. It comes with a silicone ‘gripper collar’. I believe I read instructions for this pen on some website that stated one could do without the gripper. I was unaware of the adjustments that one must make to accomplish this so I my lower half of the pen does not meet the nib properly.
I have a set of bushings for the comfort pen and the Saturn pen. Is there interchangeability with these kits, or do I need to order another bushing set?
Is there a chart of measurements of these components?
I watched a couple of videos regarding pen disassembly and I want to remove the nib and turn the lower half down to meet the nib like it should I’d still rather not use the gripper collar.
Can I just measure the widest part of the nib with my micrometer and achieve the results I want?
Lastly, I have a ‘Chic line’ pen that I forgot to order bushings for. Would any of the 2 bushing kits I now have work with that pen?


Mar 17, 2016
Katy, TX
Get the IAP busing and tube app. Search the App Store for “ IAP bushings & tubes reference”. It has all the dimensions for just about every pen kit. Meanwhile the caliper is your friend. Just measure the components. You can turn without bushings between 2 centers and just measure the ends to match the components.

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