BURLS BURLS BURLS... so much to see but which one's best

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Dec 12, 2019
Chesapeake, VA
The title almost sounds burlesque but I got several pieces of Burl Blanks for Christmas, (Curly Pyinma Burl, White Teak Burl, Almond Burl) all were large enough make 10-16 blanks from. My question is since Im reasonably new at this... (less than a year), which kits go best color wise? I have made a Panache out of the Pyinma and it's pretty but IMHO doesn't hold a candle to the White Teak or Almond Burl in finished appearance but my friend said it depends on which color and style pen you are pairing it to. Just wonder if there are ideas out there for these wood types from those who have been making pens for many years. I haven't seen these types on pens in here because I look here for what is awesome and I try to pair my pens with similar woods so they look good... Wife says I have the color coordination sense of a 3 year old.



Aug 22, 2019
If there are say 250 commercially available pen kits available and say 500 commercially available wood species (not to say anything about the number of non-wood alternative materials available), you have 100,000 combinations, so you need to narrow things down a bit. To be a curmudgeon, it's all really in the eye of the beholder; lots of pens that people rave about here that don't appeal to me (and vice versa), so I would say just look at lots of examples here and try to replicate what you like.


Feb 2, 2011
Coquitlam, BC, Canada
It sounds like you have made pens from all three of the burls that you mentioned (Curly Pyinma Burl, White Teak Burl, Almond Burl).
Without seeing pictures of them, it is hard for me to offer an answer to your question ... "which kits go best color wise? "
I will say that the Panache kit may not be the best presentation for any of them because of its distracting style/shape.
If you were to show me a Jr Emperor or a Jr Aaron dressed in each of those three burls I would be in a much better position.

At this stage, any pictures would help. . You've been with us for a couple of months. . You must have realized by now that pictures stimulate our emotions and evoke responses.

Bear in mind also, that every piece of burl is unique in its own right ... even from the same species of wood. . The visual appeal is a very individual experience in all respects, not just with regard to color.

So, please, give us a treat and show us some of your work. . I have no doubt that you will be amazed by the remarks from other members.
Your title for this thread excited me and I was fully expecting to see an array of pens made with a variety of burls.

Come to think of it, I don't think I saw an introductory thread from you when you joined back in early December. . I usually like to do my part in rolling out the red carpet for new members, so let's do it now .... Hi Dan !! . Welcome to IAP !!

I am very partial to pens made with burls and am looking forward to seeing yours, please !! . Pyinma is one of my favorites !

Best to use the forum titled "Show Off Your Pens".
Feb 25, 2010
webberville, mi
gotta disagree (respectfully) with magpens. I just finished a Panache with a rather highly figured maple burl and (IMHO) I think it turned out OK.


Mal - I agree that the Panache is a bit "problematic" in that its body is longer than the length of a typical blank. But (IMHO again) that gives the turner a rather large canvas to present the blank.

Also agree that we need to see some of Dan's work. There are NEVER too many pics here!


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