Books & Video Review Guidelines

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Aug 19, 2007
Fairfield, CT, USA.
Full Product Reviews and Mini Reviews
Product reviews may take the form of either a Full Review or a Mini Review. Generally speaking, a Full Review entails a comprehensive review of the item. Mini Reviews are, by nature, much shorter in length and provide information in a succinct manner. All reviewers should clearly state any vested interest that they may have in the item being reviewed. For example, “my brother-in-law owns the company”; or, “the manufacturer sent the tool to me for free or at a discount”. While vendors may wish to join in the discussion of their products, they will not be permitted to write initial reviews.

Follow up Posts
Members are encouraged to follow up the Full Product Reviews or Mini Reviews with posts relating their experience with the product. Or, a member may wish to ask follow up questions of the reviewer. Follow up posts are welcome in that they add to the richness of the review by providing additional dimension of thought.

If you would like some assistance, Wolftat will be pleased to help you in preparing a Full Product Review. Feel free to contact him for help!

Monitoring of the Forum

The Product Review Forum Moderator will monitor the forum for any reviews, comments, or posts that are offensive or objectionable in nature. Care will be taken to ensure that the IAP Acceptable Use Policy is followed.

Books and Videos
Book reviews can serve as a valuable resource to members of the IAP community. When presenting a book or video review, please consider the following topics:
1. Full citation of the book or video including title, author, publisher, year, and ISBN.
2. Describe the scope of the book or video and it’s coverage.
3. Your objective description of the book or video – clarity, comprehensiveness, quality of photography, quality of sound, ease of following directions, running time of the video,etc.
4. Your subjective evaluation of the book or video.
5. Your bottom line evaluation of the book or video. In a sentence or two, tell the reader your overall thoughts regarding the book or video. Is it worth buying?
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