Bolt Action Dressed in Spalted Yellow Birch With Rosewood Segments

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Feb 8, 2015
Salem, CT USA
Going through my wood pile last Fall I noticed a piece of yellow birch that looked interesting. Tossed in my inside stash and basically forgot about it until a couple of days ago when looking for something else. The spalted area was not real large, so I only got a few blanks out of it. Originally I meant for this blank to go on a virage, but, like an idiot I didn't check all 4 sides before cutting it to the size for the lower part. The side I didn't look at had a defect which made it too short for the rollerball. However, with a couple of end segments it worked for a Bolt Action. I'm quite happy with the way the spalted yellow birch finished up with GluBoost and will be making some larger pens as soon as my EB order arrives. In the meantime I'd be interested in what you think about this one.

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