black olive, amboyna and jarrah burl

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Nov 20, 2004
Sequim, Wa, USA.
Group 1: Casters package of black olive. Longest is 5 inches lots of natural edge perfect for casting. You will need to soak the blanks in alcohol to dissolve the wax but these should make some awesome hybrid blanks. $20 shipped

Group 2: Jarrah burl casting blanks these are 11.5 inches long and 3/4+ squares. Most are closer to 7/8. This material was one of the first popular casting materials some of the cracks go all the way through the blanks. These are solid and dry for over 10 years. $6.00 for each 11.5 inch stick so 3.00 per pen blank.

Group 3: Amboyna burl blanks. Real nice figure and color. Some might be little under 3/4 of an inch under, I know the last blank is slightly under and might have a hairline crack in the sapwood but nothing a little CA glue won't fix. Money back if you are not happy. $13 each minimum of 4 blanks or all eight for $80.


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