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mark james

IAP Collection, Curator
Sep 6, 2012
Medina, Ohio
After the IAP Collection Project was initiated in 2015, several BASH Contests each year have been designated as "IAP Collection" eligible. This means that winners (and if declined, subsequently second place winners) have the option to donate their pen to the IAP Collection for display. There is no obligation, it is simply an option available to the winners.

The results of an IAP Membership Poll that concluded on 1/19/2019, the following 2019 BASH Contests were voted to be "IAP Collection" eligible. (This poll resulted in some excellent suggestions to be considered going forward; it was a bit late to modify this year's process, but they will be considered).

Kitless Pen Contest
Segmented Pen Contest
Pretty Wood Pen Contest

And be aware, these pens ARE the property of IAP, and ARE being seen and appreciated.

IAP Collection Display History and 2019 Schedule


4/17/2015: MPG (Midwest Penturner's Gathering), Champaign, Illinois
5/1/2015: MAPG (Midatlantic Penturner's Gathering), Richmond, Virginia
10/25/2015: Wisconsin IAP Chapter Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
11/21/2015: Indianapolis IAP Chapter Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana
2/27/2016: FLGAPG (Florida/Georgia Penturner's Gathering), Tampa, Florida
4/2/2016: Totally Turning Symposium, Saratoga Springs, New York
4/9/2016: MPG, Wadsworth, Ohio
5/14/2016: MAPG, Richmond, Virginia
10/12/2016: Minnesota IAP Chapter Meeting/Penapalooza, Minneapolis, Minnesota
4/8/2017: MPG Wadsworth, Ohio
9/9/2017: Carolina/Piedmont, NC IAP Chapter
9/14/2017: Richmond, VA IAP Chapter
9/16/2017: Georgia IAP Chapter
10/14/2017: Chicagoland IAP Chapter
10/21/2017: Ohio IAP Chapter
5/19/2018: MPG Wadsworth, Ohio
9/28/2018: Mid-Atlantic Woodturner's Symposium
4/9/2019: DelVal AAW Chapter, Moorestown, NJ
4/10/2019: 1'st State Turners AAW Chapter, Wilmington, DL
4/16/2019: Cape Atlantic Turners AAW Chapter, Petersburg, NJ
4/26/2019: MPG Chicagoland
7/12/2019: AAW International Symposium, Raleigh, NC (not verified yet).


9/12/2015: Webberville, Michigan
1/21/2016: Independence, Ohio
2/29/2016: Cocoa Beach, Florida
3/4/2016: Indianapolis, Indiana
3/22/2016: Phoenix, Arizona
4/25/2016: Columbus, Ohio
6/7/2016: Canton, Ohio
8/27/2016: Medina, Ohio
9/12/2017: Durham, NC
9/29/2018: MAWS - DelVal Turner's Representative
9/30/2018: MAWS - Philadelphia Center for Art in Wood Representative
4/11/2019: GW Pens - Woodstown NJ (date not firm).
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